The Choice Is Yours!


In today’s economy, healthcare facilities are competing for patient services. It is imperative that you shop for healthcare services, just as you shop for automobiles, furniture and clothing.

You’ve seen your doctor and they indicate that you need to have an MRI test. They identify an imaging facility and tell you that’s where they want you to go. Sometimes, they even have their office staff schedule the appointment at a location of their choice. Now that’s service! But did you know that you can go wherever you would like to go for your medical care? You don’t need to go where your doctor wants to send you.

Here are some falsehoods that you should consider when you need MRI services:


I Must Go Where My Doctor Sends Me.

FALSE-You have a choice in where you go for your imaging needs. Your doctor’s opinion should be seriously considered; however, there are other factors that should also be considered when choosing an imaging facility such as appointment availability, location, family and friend testimonials and MOST importantly, the price of the service.


My Doctor Is Always Looking Out For My Best Interests.

FALSE-Have you ever heard of a “Self-Referral”?

Over the years, hospitals and clinics have been competing for imaging services, while pressuring staff to refer patient services to their own facilities. This may lead to over utilization and over charging for imaging services.

You need to be looking out for yourself and shop for the best priced and most readily available service provider that is right for you. By doing so, you will be able to control your care, while saving money for both you and your insurer.